Meet our nuclear students.


Meet Debbie Jones

I chose this programme because I find the field interesting and it has good career opportunities. The connections to industry are very useful and the large number of students means there is always someone you can ask for advice.

Ross Peel

"The trip to Sellafield nuclear site was very in-depth and allowed us to visit so many of the facilities that even most nuclear specialists will never see."

Stuart Warren

"The fundamentals of nuclear matter are known to an extent but each time we think we’re getting near we find another tantalising clue to a new and intriguing process."

Daniel Cooper

"I heard something about “molten salt reactors” and was surprised to hear that many different reactor designs existed. I heard of the potential benefits of these reactors, realised I was passionate about them and so decided to go into the field."

Colleen Mann

"The additional year allows everyone to start at the same level, regardless of their background. This provides a good platform to develop research skills."

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