Our CDT training programme provides an exciting and interdisciplinary approach to postgraduate research training, in a high quality and professional research environment. Students apply and register for a four-year PhD programme at one of our partner Universities (Lancaster/ Leeds/ Liverpool/ Manchester/ Sheffield). Students are primarily registered at one of the universities with visiting status at the University of Manchester.

The PhD will be awarded by the lead university for the project. The first year of this research programme aims to give students a broad knowledge of nuclear science and the fuel cycle, through MSc level modules. Applicants apply for a specific project from the skills training. In addition to the research and taught element of the programme, students also receive professional skills training and engage in other outreach activities.

The taught programme is delivered in the first semester to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the nuclear science and engineering that underpins the whole nuclear fuel cycle. This is undertaken using problem-based and enquiry style learning which involves individual and collaborative work supported by lectures, tutorials and practical exercises.

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